APEX Ambassador Program

Increase your monthly stipend and earn other monetary rewards simply by referring.

As an Ambassador, you’re eligible for the following:
      • $75 referral Amazon or Visa gift card bonus if your *qualified referral fills out a fully completed application, completes a home visit, and is willing/able to host. Full terms.
      • One-time $500 Amazon or Visa gift card bonus for matched *qualified referrals after 30 days the student arrives in the referred host family household. Full term details
      • Increase monthly stipend based on the number of years of hosting and matched referrals (View Chart Below). Referrals must be in a hosting status for an Ambassador to continue receiving an increased stipend each month.
      • Based on the number of matched referrals sent within the current academic year, the top Referrer receives a $2,500 bonus at the end of the academic year.
      • Recognition at events and bonus gift cards to attend in-person events when needed
      • Receive a one-time $1,000 appreciation bonus for five years of consecutive hosting!
To be considered a referral, you must meet at least four of the following five requirements:
      • Two-adult household
      • Safe neighborhood with single-house dwelling
      • Same town as the partnered school
      • Willing to drive if outside school town, but not more than 15-20 minutes each way
      • Educators: Teachers, ESL Instructors

Referred persons must be new to APEX and have yet to be in contact with us prior. They must mention you in their application to get credit, and the Ambassador must complete the form.

Extra Monthly Stipend Payout to APEX Ambassador

      • 1 “Academic Year” = 10 school calendar months
      • The extra monthly stipend begins 30 days after the student arrives at the new referred host parent and will be pro-rated for partial months of hosting.

View Full Program Terms

Contact Lisa Guerrera for more information: lguerrera@aiepusa.com or at 203.768.4481