For Educators

Consider us for your international admissions eliminating the time, travel, and costs of recruiting abroad!

When you partner with us, you work with a credible consulting and homestay organization.
      • We represent you and your students accurately and match schools with the best fit for your students based on their test scores and English skills.
      • We help you understand the challenges and requirements of accepting international students into a school.
      • We only recruit quality students with sufficient English skills, the desire to succeed, and high social aptitude
      • We have an expansive network of partners and schools located across Mainland China.
      • We are a growing, family-oriented organization and always true to our mission.

Our Partner School Locations

Our partners value our quality approach to connecting prospective students with educational opportunities. We have built a solid reputation for always dedicating ourselves to 100% transparency, trust, and compliance between schools, our agents, and regulatory agencies.

      • Almost 80% of F-1 visa high school students studying at Connecticut private day schools are in our homestay and dormitory program.
      • More than 50% of F-1 visa high school students in Rhode Island private day schools are in our homestay program.
      • APEX’s program represents more than 15% of all Chinese F-1 visa students studying at U.S. private day schools.
      • 35% of APEX’s international students study at private schools outside Connecticut.