About Us

AIEP (Apex International Education Partners) was established to assist U.S. middle and high schools to recruit and provide homestays for international students from China and Vietnam.

Our goal is to promote greater diversity in U.S. middle and high schools, facilitate cultural awareness amongst American students and ease the process of living and learning abroad. We have created a portfolio of schools and mentors that will prepare international students for the most prestigious colleges and universities in America. Our program ensures that students will succeed not only academically, but also socially while integrating into the American culture and school system. We are 100% American-owned and always operate with complete transparency and adherence to the highest ethical standards.

We offer the following services to our member schools, international students, as well as local agents:

  • Free counseling to schools interested in hosting international students and starting a recruiting program
  • Management of host school’s promotion and marketing efforts in China and Vietnam – translated and customized to local market
  • Preliminary review of all appropriate application documents, exams and host school prerequisites
  • Partner opportunities to visit host schools annually through virtual walking tours and open houses
  • Orientations that helps ease the transition of living and learning in the U.S. before and after you arrive

Our U.S. Middle and High School program includes the following services:

  • School selection and placement processes
  • Homestay Provider identification and formal background checks
  • Arrangement of visas, summer storage, Homestay Provider’s accommodations, and other logistic issues
  • Room and board costs for one full academic year (10 months)
  • Periodic homestay and school visits with 24/7 emergency service staff on-call
  • Academic consulting and college counseling services
  • Monthly fun events with an emphasis on cultural integration
  • Required community service involvement in local community
  • Application services, admissions interview preparation/arrangement, and I-20 assistance
  • Monthly reports and updates to parents on the social, emotional and academic progress of AIEP students
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