About Us

Learn about a New Culture Right in Your Own Home!

Apex International Education Partners (APEX) is dedicated to recruiting and providing homestays for international students.

We help students achieve their educational goals at top U.S. schools. We promote diversity, simplify studying abroad, and guarantee academic and social success. Our host families are carefully evaluated to ensure a quality experience while immersing in American culture.

We are 100% American-owned and always operate with complete transparency and adherence to the highest ethical standards. APEX’s teams support students and families throughout the process, and we give back to the community through charitable donations and volunteer activities.

The following services can be beneficial for our schools, international students, and local agents:
      • Free counseling to schools interested in hosting international students and starting a recruiting program
      • Management of the host school’s promotion and marketing efforts in China and Vietnam – translated and customized to the local market.
      • A preliminary review of all appropriate application documents, exams, and host school prerequisites
      • Partner opportunities to visit host schools annually through virtual walking tours and open houses
      • Orientations that help ease the transition of living and learning in the U.S. before and after you arrive
Our U.S. Middle and High School Program includes the Following Services:
      • School selection and placement processes
      • Homestay Provider identification and formal background checks
      • Arrangement of visas, summer storage, Homestay Provider’s accommodations, and other logistic issues
      • Room and board costs for one full academic year (10 months)
      • Periodic homestay and school visits with 24/7 emergency service staff on-call
      • Academic consulting and college counseling services
      • Monthly fun events with an emphasis on cultural integration
      • Required community service involvement in the local community
      • Application services, admissions interview preparation/arrangement, and I-20 assistance
      • Monthly reports and updates to parents on the social, emotional, and academic progress of our students

Quick Facts

      • Privately owned and operated by two Connecticut residents.
      • APEX was founded over 11 years ago and currently employs over 40 staff members in the U.S., 22 in China, and 4 in Vietnam.
      • We are partnered with over 100 schools and work with over 300 host families housing over 400 students.
      • We are certified and vetted annually by CSIET for various standards, including but not limited to student safety and ethical recruiting practices abroad.
      • Our students will contribute $10,000,000+ in tuition revenues to our partner schools this academic year. They pay full tuition (plus international fees) to our partner schools with no financial aid provided and return annually until they graduate.
      • APEX will continue to donate $25,000+ annually in scholarships this year for domestic students attending local schools and to other non-profit organizations and causes.
      • Our students will donate 40,000+ volunteer hours to their local communities through APEX-sponsored events throughout the upcoming school year.

NAFSA’s Latest Analysis

The 948,519 international students studying at U.S. high schools, colleges, and universities contributed $33.8 billion and supported 335,423 jobs to the U.S. economy. The economic contributions of international students are in addition to the immeasurable academic and cultural value these students bring to our campuses and local communities.

      • Almost 80% of F-1 visa high school students studying at Connecticut private day schools are in our homestay and dormitory program.
      • More than 50% of F-1 visa high school students in Rhode Island private day schools are in our homestay program.
      • 35% of APEX’s international students study at private schools outside Connecticut.
      • APEX’s program represents more than 15% of all Chinese F-1 visa students studying at U.S. private day schools.