Host Family Referral Program

Do you know someone who would like to make a difference in a student’s life, who has passion for new experiences, a global focus… and an extra bedroom?

AIEP offers two generous referral bonuses for anyone who successfully recommends a host family!

Eligibility for AIEP’s Referral Bonuses:

$75 Amazon gift card:

    • Receive a one-time $75 Amazon gift card for every qualified referred person you send who completes the AIEP Homestay application and vetting process
    • Referred persons must be new to AIEP and not have been in contact with AIEP prior to the referral
    • The referred person must have made first contact with AIEP after this program started on June 14th 2022
    • Referred persons must fully complete the AIEP Homestay Application  found here:
    • The referred person must list you as referring them on their AIEP Homestay Application for you to receive your referral bonus
    • $75 referrals bonuses are tallied and paid out monthly by AIEP
    • A referred person is deemed qualified if:
      • They are able and willing to host an international student with AIEP
      • Live within a 20-minute radius of one of AIEP’s partner schools
      • Live in a single-family dwelling
      • Have the means to transport a student to/from school and other extracurricular activities
      • Have no mandated reason preventing them from hosting a minor

$500 Amazon gift card:

  • Same criteria as above
  • Receive an additional one-time $500 Amazon gift card when someone you refer is “successfully” matched with an international student
  • A match is considered “successful” when the student has lived with the host family for one month with no plans to relocate – bonus paid out shortly thereafter
  • This $500 Amazon gift card is one per referred host regardless of the number of students placed with the host, however, there is no cap on the number of successful referral bonuses that will be issued to a referring person for multiple successfully matched hosts
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