International Student Recruitment

Let Us Help You Bring Diversity & A Global Perspective Into Your School!

APEX has the expertise and know-how to guide you through the process. We will advise you on applying to provide I-20s, determine the number of students suitable for your school and prepare and support your staff to implement a successful program.

Working with your school, we’ll build a custom-tailored recruiting program that is suited to your specific needs and help you with any of the challenges along the way. Our program makes sure your school is ready and informed.

Take Advantage Of Showcasing Your School To Our Agents

Familiarization (FAM) Tours 

Showcase your school with a familiarization tour (FAM)! We organize these sponsored tours to allow agents to visit and learn more about your school and its location/surroundings, meet your staff, and build a relationship. Agents will become more confident, knowledgeable, and motivated to market your school to potential students.

These tours are successful with the participation and cooperation of our school affiliates.

Watkinson School: Making Friends For Life

Wooster School: My First Trip to China, A Reflection by Will Sacco

Sponsored Student Recruitment Trips To China

We organize all-expense paid trips, including fairs, organizations, and school visits throughout China. When you partner with us, you can market your school to students, agents, and Chinese parents during these tours and get a head start on recruiting by offering interviews and on-the-spot acceptances.

In an increasingly competitive market, we are showing our partnered agents what makes your schools unique so they can begin to market to their students.

Sister and international school partnerships are becoming the latest trend. Contact us about international student recruitment opportunities and how we can assist you with staying ahead of the curve in this changing industry.