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Open Your Heart and Home

Enjoy the benefits of hosting, broaden your family’s global horizons, and help an international student receive an American education by becoming a host family!

Apex International Education Partners (APEX) is here to offer full local support to ensure a successful and memorable hosting experience. Host families will receive a generous monthly stipend per student to cover hosting expenses, while educators will receive a one-time sign-on bonus when matched with a student.

Diversity is becoming increasingly important in our modern economy. At APEX, we take pride in ensuring 100% transparency, trust, and compliance with the schools, students, and agents we partner with.

APEX offers home visits for potential homestay provider families in California, Connecticut, Delaware, Massachusetts, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, and Rhode Island.

Expand your family’s global horizon and host with us today!

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“We are enjoying hosting a student through APEX. We have a sophomore attending Williams School staying with us. She is cheerful and courteous, interested in learning about our culture and in sharing insights to her culture and home life. We have fun cooking together trying recipes from her grandmother and making recipes handed down from my family – her favorites are apple and pumpkin pies! An added bonus is that we are visiting the local sites, parks and museums in Connecticut which have been on our “to do” list or that we haven’t visited in years! It’s fun to see these sites through the eyes of a teenager! APEX is very supportive in ensuring a positive experience for all.”

Deirdre, Connecticut

APEX is registered as an international student homestay, recruitment, and placement organization in 8 U.S. states and is 100% American owned and run. The organization was founded in 2011 and is also recognized annually for full “listing” compliance by CSIET (“Council on Standards for International Educational Travel”).

CSIET is the gold standard for international recruitment and homestay agencies like APEX, and only a select amount of local agencies receive certification annually after undergoing an extensive annual audit of its student recruitment, placement, and management procedures.

Through homestays and dormitories, APEX currently houses F-1 middle and high school students studying in the United States and employs U.S., China, and Vietnam, staff members.


Scholastic Affiliates

APEX values our strong relationships with top middle and high schools nationwide. Our partners value our quality approach to connecting prospective students with educational opportunities. We have gained a reputation for 100% transparency, trustworthiness, and compliance in our interactions with schools, agents, and regulatory agencies.


Our Partner School Locations