AIEP Student Spotlight

October 5, 2020

Alan Liu
12th grade – Holy Cross H.S.

“Before I moved in with the Genua family, I’ve already heard words of appreciation towards the family from two of my friends who were staying with the Genua’s at that time. However, it was not until I moved in with the Genua family that I felt the genuine caring and love from the people I’ve never even met before.

Mr. Genua always says “All races are welcomed in the house.” He himself is half Italian and Mrs. Genua, or as she would like to be called MamaG, is Trinidadian. This is such a great family who has opened their home not only to me but 10 other students who came from different countries.

On my third day with the Genua family, I was told by PapaG that it felt like I have been with them for a year. After a year of staying with them, I’ve achieved more than I had expected. I could write a three thousand words essay uninterruptedly just to describe my love and gratitude for the Genua family but I’ll focus more on my personal growth during the first year of staying with the Genua family.

I’ve learned to cook simple dishes and do basic chores instead of being the spoiled child in the family. I’ve become more independent and definitely more mature. Whenever I come across problems not only in school but more also in life, there’s always a helping hand reaching out to me from my host family. Words can’t articulate the gratefulness that I have for my host family. It’s a true blessing from above to land me in this loving and caring family.”