Yale College Tour

October 24, 2017


It was a beautiful breezy autumn Saturday when students arrived at Yale University, the first AIEP private college tour.

The campus tour, led by Nick, a Junior at Yale, took our students around the campus. Nick was a fantastic college tour guide; he shared with our students how he built his credentials while he was in high school, which eventually earned his acceptance to Yale. Our students also had the opportunity to take a glimpse into the aspects of student life at several of Yale’s 12 residential colleges, the history and architecture of the university.

Have you ever wondered why you hardly see huge crowds of students gathering on the road around the campus like most urban universities do?  The tour finally provided that answer! Being the home to some of the country’s oldest buildings, Yale boasts tunnels and secret passages — the students can actually travel underground and up spiral stairs between buildings, which help them to trudge through the snow or traffic to get to classes without ever stepping outside, how cool is that? In addition, a staff member of Ingenius Prep, met the students and hosted an information session on “How to Stand Out in the College Admissions Process,” and answered questions our students may have had.

After the tour, students enjoyed lunch at Prime 16. We feel the students would agree that the burgers were absolutely delicious and there were many unique choices on the menu! To end the day, all students were treated to ice cream at Arethusa.