Preparing Your Home to Receive an Exchange Student: The Experts Tell us How to Do it Right

November 23, 2021

What is the recommendation to be prepared and deal with an emergency with the guest student staying at your home?

Generally, emergencies fall under the category of medical issues. It is important for host families to be proactive before the medical emergency happens. A good idea is to have a folder with the student’s following information:

  • List of primary care doctors that accept the student’s insurance
  • Copy of the student’s medical records
  • Copy of the student’s insurance card (photocopy and cellphone photo)
  • Copy of the student’s Parental Consent Form giving permission to host family to seek medical attention

First and foremost, use your judgment and treat the situation as if the student was your own child by always seeking medical attention first, whether it is the emergency room, nearby walk-in center, or medical doctor office, and then calling the agency representative (Local Coordinator) to inform them of the emergency.

The agency will contact the biological parents to inform them and keep them up to date of the situation. Continue to communicate with the agency during the emergency and ensure to schedule any follow-up appointments if needed.

When seeking an agency to host an international student, the key is to choose one that will provide you support when any difficult issue may arise including emergencies. AIEP prides itself on the support we provide our host families, students, and biological parents and is always ready to assist.

If you are interested in hosting an international middle/high school student, contact AIEP Host Families, 203.992.AIEP or visit us at

-Daisy Benson from Apex International Education Partners


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