Host Family Testimonials

  • “My experience as a “Host Mom” for Linus was absolutely wonderful!  He is a good and talented boy and together we mastered many things that will be a total asset to him as he enters a new phase of his life at Fordham University in the Fall.  Kudos to Linus!

    AIEP has been a gracious and informative guide throughout the “unknown” process of being a Host Mom.  From the beginning, Crystal and Kathleen have been encouraging and unceasing in their willingness to make our lives productive and fulfilling.”

    The Herzman Family

  • “We hosted two students this year, a freshman and a sophomore who attended Fairfield Prep.  Our experience with Steven and Daniel was exceptional.  They integrated seamlessly with our family and participated in many family functions.  Daniel even tried his hand a cooking a couple of times and gave us a taste of “traditional” Chinese fare.  Because Steven and Daniel were with us through the 2016 elections, coupled with the fact that my wife is Korean, we had many interesting discussions at the dinner table concerning the different ways each country’s political systems run.  Overall it was a great year for us and I hope that Steven and Daniel enjoyed it as much as we did.

    This is our second year hosting with AIEP and we have enjoyed a friendly and professional relationship with many of the staff.  AIEP cares for the needs of the students while quickly addressing any concerns that may arise.  We had no real issues that happened this year, but did have a few concerns with our students last year that were handled quickly and professionally with great results.  AIEP is clear from the start that we are here for the students, and we hope that we provided an environment for our students to maximize their learning and provide a positive remembrance of their experience.”

    The Oxner Family

  • “Being a host parent for an international student has been an extremely enriching experience ! I recommend it highly if you have a warm and loving home and time to commit —- Thanks so much”

    The Bale Family

  • “Our experience hosting a student this year was a wonderful experience! It was interesting and rewarding for my entire family!

    As for our experience with AIEP , they made everything clear right from the beginning, very informative and were always there if we needed help!  My coordinator Patti was always right there if I needed her!  She made the experience a pleasure.”

    The Rick Family

  • “Our experience with our Students was GREAT, we were honestly worried whether this was going to work out or not. Surprisingly, it has been life changing for us, we met other families and have become very good friends. Not only did our Students become part of our Family but also the other families are part of our extended family too.  Even though one of our students will not be returning to us, we are still looking forward to hosting our returning student and our new student.

    Our experience hosting with AIEP was positive and we thought it was great that they had monthly events for the students.  We also enjoyed the Family Events. Our only regret is that we didn’t host an international student sooner.”

    The Cruz Family

  • “Our first hosting experience was great.  We had a good kid that gave us no problems at all.

    Hosting with AIEP was a great.  The company truly cares about the host families.  The staff at AIEP was extremely helpful anytime we had questions or concerns.”

    The DiMartino Family

  • “Our experience hosting a student was awesome. We learned a lot about China and what their culture is like. We got to meet our student’s family and made a instant connection with them. We plan on visiting China sometime next year. This would have never happen without this program. Lisa and I were not empty nesters anymore and it was fun being busy again.

    Our connection with AIEP has been great. We got to be good friends with a lot of the team and they all were very accessible and there to help us through the process. I met David the co-founder and became friends. He is very caring person and very interested in all his kids.  I also recommended two other families to the organization.  Thank you all!”

    The Durante Family

  • “Hosting Sunny was, and will continue to be, an extraordinary opportunity. She and I were more than well-matched and allowing my home to become her home was a happy adventure. It will seem odd to open a kitchen closet and not find my spices mixed in with her’s. Not only have our culinary skills improved (my stir fry and her dipping chocolate-covered strawberries) but also we have developed a deep appreciation for each other’s personality and culture. I will miss the sounds of her singing along to her favorite Chinese and Taylor Swift songs on the afternoon ride home from Bryn Mawr.  Of course I wish her a wonderful summer with her family, but look forward to welcoming her back in the fall as we have much to look forward to together during her sophomore year in Baltimore.

    I thought AIEP was thorough during their interview process with me.  I was completely new to this program and had never done anything like this before.  I found the Baltimore Coordinator, Peg, easy to talk to and able to answer all of my questions and concerns.  Her honesty was refreshing as we talked through all the details of what day-to-day life with a potential match would entail.  In addition, AIEP kept in regular, monthly contact as well as made a point to talk separately with both Sunny and I to ensure that all was well from both perspectives.  I also appreciated the host family thank you dinner as well as the end of the year luncheon cruise!”

    The Tennies Family

  • “I hosted a single freshman student last year and the experience was so positive we decided to host two students this year.  We have our own adopted children from China so it was a mutually beneficial experience to host Chinese students. We have learned about the Chinese culture, their religions, their government, and their alternate holistic medicines in ways that textbooks just could not possibly teach us.

    We have had a positive experience with AIEP, as they have been supportive and professional in all ways. When my student was hospitalized for one week last year for a serious illness, AIEP representatives came to the hospital and offered us ongoing support. They return follow up phone calls in a timely manner and I have never had a problem receiving my stipend.”

    The Satonick Family

  • “We really enjoyed our hosting experience. Having any teenager in your home has it’s ups and downs but we worked together to resolve any problems that came up and had a lot of fun overall.

    We have hosted 8 students from different countries and agencies. What we appreciate about AIEP is that they have everyone’s well-being in mind, such as how they provide one support person for the student (who speaks their language and understands their culture) and another for the host family.”

    The Newbold Family

  • “I would love to share how we became host parents. Dan and I were just becoming empty- nesters when we decided to host a student from China. It was a special experience learning about their culture, opening up our home, and making them feel like a part of our family! The students leave China to come to America. Our goal was to make them feel comfortable and at home in their new environment. It is fun, you learn about their culture and they experience ours. It has been an amazing experience!”

    The Ragan Family

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