Roles and Expectations – U.S. Schools & AIEP

The relationship between a U.S. middle and high schools & AIEP is integral to the ultimate success of an international program. Success is defined as:

  1.  Fulfillment of annual recruitment goals
  2.  Quality of international applicants
  3.  Proper care and management of international students and host families

Communication and honesty is key. The U.S. School and AIEP must be willing to communicate regularly as true partners and be honest in recruitment goals and overall objectives of their international program.

AIEP assumes the role of the U.S. School’s international recruitment office abroad and represents the U.S. School accurately and professionally. The U.S. School should expect the utmost integrity in everything that AIEP does in China and in the U.S.

AIEP – The Right Choice!

AIEP has the necessary amount and coverage of U.S. staff along with proper expertise, knowledge, and relationships across China – we deliver on what we promise
AIEP has the ability to implement change quickly when and if the U.S. School sees fit – we are able to measure success while remaining flexible
AIEP acts as language and cultural interpreter in all dealings – we are viewed as a branch of your international recruitment office, having both an American and Chinese perspective as opposed to just one view
AIEP allows the U.S. School to clearly view and understand the competitive landscape in China – we show you the 360 degree picture of trends occurring in China


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