Why Choose Us?

AIEP plays many different roles at absolutely no-cost to the U.S. School including but not limited to:

  • CSIET Compliance (monthly check-in calls, house visits, etc.)
  • New International Program Implementation
  • Partnership Formations in China
  • Recruitment of International Students
  • Recruitment Trips/Travel to China (fully paid by U.S. Agency)
  • Applications, Contracts, Visa Documents, & Deposit/Tuition Payments
  • New Student and Host Parent Orientations
  • Transportation to/from Airport & Logistics of Chinese Parent Visits
  • Homestay Advertising, Vetting, Placement and Management
  • Student Handbook Travel Policy Management & Enforcement
  • Health Requirements (physicals, vaccinations, pre-existing conditions)
  • Academic Oversight (online grade monitoring)
  • Tutoring (ESL, subject-specific, SAT/TOEFL prep)
  • Health Insurance, Student Banking, Cell Phone Usage
  • Volunteer & Weekend Events
  • Conflict Management & Resolution
  • Host Family/Student/Parent/School/Chinese Agent Intermediary
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