AIEP’s COVID-19 Response

To our Host Families, Future Host Families, Students, and School Community:

As COVID-19 continues to impact our communities, AIEP is committed to doing what is best for our staff, students, host families, and schools.

We have donated over 10,000 disposable masks and 100 gallons of hand sanitizers to local police, fire, EMS departments and hospitals.

We are actively recruiting host families for January 2021 and Fall 2021 as our international student recruiting remains robust. In lieu of in-person house visits we are conducting virtual house visits. Our students are hoping to become part of your family when deemed safe to do so.

Future international students are looking forward to the day when this pandemic is behind us when we are able to once again travel and reopen our schools. During these uncertain times, global education, stewardship and fellowship continues to be a positive motivating force to help people around the globe look forward to the future. We look forward to the very near future when we can all connect again globally.

If you are interested on how you can make a difference in a student’s life while earning added income for your hospitality as a Host Family, please visit our Homestay Provider page or Learn More page.

We have made the decision to temporarily close our offices and allow our staff to work remotely. We will continue to always be there for you as things evolve and we will ensure you are informed.

In addition, we are putting out a weekly bulletin with helpful safety tips and other information to help our students and families weather this crisis.

During this time, we encourage our host families to remain in communication with the AIEP team and provide regular updates to your Local Coordinator, including information on safety precautions you are taking at home as well as routines and family activities. This is a difficult time for many of our students’ natural families as they are also affected by the crisis, and anything you can provide to ease their minds will make a significant impact.

We thank all of you for taking recent safety measures to help reduce the spread of the virus: our partnered schools, for closing and conducting online courses for our students; host families, for keeping our students safe and calming our natural parents’ and students’ fears; and our committed staff, for working diligently to provide the support you need.

We will continue to provide proactive updates on this page as well as via the daily bulletin as the crisis develops. Above all, we truly believe we’re all in this together.


Links to Bulletins – Helpful Tips and Resources

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