APEX Homestay Provider Application

Completing this form accurately and thoroughly is crucial as it will introduce you to prospective international students and their parents abroad. APEX will assess your completed application, interview, and home inspection to determine your family’s eligibility as a host for international students. Your record will be used in their selection process, so please take your time to ensure its accuracy.

We receive many more applications from host families than from international students. While we cannot guarantee placement, we maintain a list of backup families. This is to ensure that we are prepared in case a student needs to be relocated due to a family emergency or changes in the living situation of their host family. Please let us know if you want to be added to the backup list.

Thank you once more for your willingness to host an international student. Your time and interest are highly appreciated!

To avoid losing your responses, type them in a Word document and copy/paste them onto the form.

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