AIEP Student Spotlight

October 29, 2020

Vietnamese Student – Sophie Vu
12th grade – Holy Cross H.S.

“This is the first time I have lived in a dormitory. I thought it would be boring, the food would be bad and many other things, but I was wrong.

When I first came to the US, I met Mrs.Lynn at the airport and she was really nice and kind . At that time, my listening and speaking skills were bad because I was shy but Mrs.Lynn was really patient with me. She helped me a lot . She also took me to a beautiful pond and I really like it. I hope I can go to that pond more.

My room in the dorm is clean and larger than I expected . At first, I thought I would miss Vietnamese food, so I prepared about 30 packages of noodles to eat, but now I think I just eat only 2 of them. The food here tastes the same like Vietnamese food. In the cafeteria, I have so many snacks, milk and fruit to eat. I am really happy with that.

My favorite thing to do in the dorm is walking around the building to breathe the fresh air and doing exercise with Wansu who is my RA and the strongest person that I have ever met before.  After school, I really enjoy doing exercise with her, because it helps me feel happy and positive.”